I have earned my bachelor's degree in journalism through The Pennsylvania State University's College of Communications.  I have a true and undeniable passion for television/radio broadcasting and multimedia reporting.


Through my education at Penn State, I have cultivated my skills in video and audio editing. I have worked with Final Cut Pro Video Editing Software, Adobe Editing Software, Audacity Audio Editing Software, ProTools Software, and Hindenburg Editing Software. I have also received hands on practice of phone and in-person interviews. I have produced readers, wraps, and packages for both radio and television. I also have experience and am very comfortable working with an AudioArts R-60 Console, as well as other sound board technologies. I work efficiently on both Macs and PCs.


In the COMM 360 (Radio Reporting) course, I aided in the production of a weekly 10-minute radio show during a 15 week long semester. Within this course, I gained experience in researching stories and writing scripts. I served many roles in this class including producer, assistant producer, technical director, and anchor.


In COMM 282 (Television Field Production) and COMM 465 (Television Reporting) course, I enhanced my skills in creating different styles of video packages for news broadcasting, such as NAT-Sound, Hard News, and Public Affairs Package as well as Live Shot practice. I also got to explore the creative side of video editing in the production of music videos, promotional videos, and concert coverage.


I also graduated with a minor in Theater Arts. My education through Penn State's School of Theater has allowed me to enhance my ability to be in front of the camera. I aspire to one day be on-air talent. My training has allowed me to perfect my voice, my presence, and by reliability, all of which are qualities that I believe are necessary to be an on-air talent who can successfully connect with the audience.​

I believe that media today fuels our society. Growing up in a generation during the evolution of communication and broadcasting has allowed me to gain a true appreciation for the professional field. Media convergence is ever so prevalent in today's world. The experience I gained through my extracurricular activities and internships have promoted growth in my social media skills. During my internship with SiriusXM Hits1 I maintained all of the Hits1 and The Morning Mash Up Show’s social media accounts by updating them daily with celebrity news, interviews, blogs, and promotions. At Penn State, I served as the Social Media Chairman of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. In this position I work to promote a positive image of the NPHC-PSU and promote programs and events hosted by Penn State’s Black Greek Letter Organizations. I am experienced in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogspot, and WordPress platforms.


I feel as though I have the education, experience, and genuine passion that will allow me to excel in the broadcasting career field.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Courtney Neal







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